why not reach for the stars....

January 2015, hubs and I decided I was going to quit my job and pursue acting full time. Now, lets rewind a little bit. Its important to know I didn't just wake up one day and say “HEY, I’m bored, why don't I give acting a try!”. At a young age I always wanted to perform.. music, dance, stage, you name it… I loved to create characters and get lost in another world. I started taking acting and modeling classes around age 9 and doing small fashion shows. Anyway, you get it. 

Instead of going off to college after high school like the rest of my peers, I moved to LA. This is it I thought.. Im going to be DISCOVERED!……..Boy was I WRONG! I learned quite quickly that I wasn't the only dreamer in LA. It seemed everyone I met was in “the industry”. So naturally I got insecure and discouraged.. but that didn't stop me from trying. Problem was, I had a full time desk job that didn't allow me to hustle like the rest of Hollywood. Soo..eventually, after a few unfortunate events, I packed up and moved home to take a breath. I didn't give up, I just hit pause. 

Jared Teska Photography

Fast forward to 2014, my brother and sister in-law announce they're pregnant! I was thrilled! Couldn't be happier for them!That’s when it hit me.. am I next? Should we try to get pregnant? Do I even want a baby right now? Am I ready to be a mother? What about my dream of being an Oscar winning actor? What about my goals and aspirations of being on stage and in films!? I took a long look in the mirror and asked myself, WHAT DO I WANT??? 

(Now, I know what you're thinking..you can have a baby and still pursue your dreams) but reality is, its not about having a baby or becoming a mother. Its so much more than that. I had gotten comfortable..comfortable to the point where I started to forget about all the things I envisioned for my future.

But this story isn't about the past, its about the future. Everyday I ask myself, what can I do today that will help me get a little closer to my goal? Sometimes its as small as going for a jog so I can stay healthy, other days its a big audition I need to nail. Always reminding myself that I only have one life to live, why not make it remarkable and have no regrets.  

Ill leave you with this… If you could do or be ANYTHING in the world… what would it be? and whats stopping you?

You are never too old to set a new goal or dream a new dream.
— C.S. Lewis