From as early as Juliana can remember, her life was surrounded by talented entertainers. The fact that her father is a professional musician and writer, mother, a singer, writer and amazing jewerly designer, and her uncle, a successful working actor ....well, it makes perfect sense that the genetic pool was overflowing with a talent for artistic expression. 

Growing up in and around Orange County gave Juliana easy access to "Hollyweird". It didn't take her long to realize she was destined to follow in her families footsteps. At a very young age Juliana was performing scenes from her favorite Disney musicals and creating characters that her father would compare to the likes of Jim Carey. Its within this entertainment environment where Juliana's passion has thrived. At age 8 she starting modeling, studying acting and  began her journey with writing. She began producing and hosting her high school morning show which sparked her curiousity for film and TV acting. She went on to star in a few of her local college plays and eventually packed her bags and moved to LA. 

Today she lives between Northern California and Los Angeles and has continued to work in commercials, print, TV and film.